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Enhanced Life Ltd. is the trusted, authoritative source and premiere destination for health and wholistic healing in alternative medicine. We are the catalyst for transformation and possibility in your total healing. Our vision extends far beyond just being a health care provider. Our success is measured by patients achieving their optimal health and wellness, patient satisfaction, staff member excellence and happiness, improvement in the state of affairs in healthcare on all levels, as well as local and larger community support.



Please don't take chances with your health. Our Wholistic Approach to your health is intentional in order to help your body heal and all you to be whole in body, mind and spirit. 

Why Wholistic instead of holistic? Holistic=Wholistic (kind of)...Wholistic refers to a whole or whole body; taking into consideration the whole body or person. Wholistic means considering the mind, body and spirit.  Holistic is taken from and relating to Holism, which actually looks at the independance of the parts or a "system of therapeutics. 

At Enhanced Life Ltd. we want you to be Whole.

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Our vision

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  4. Sleeping for health

Our mission is to be a clinical leader in the integration of acupuncture, TCM, BIE and massage therapy.  We strive to provide our patients with health care to improve the wellbeing of children, adolescents, women, men, seniors and our community. We strive to help people reach a healthy state of balance and well-being through integrating  Acupuncture, BIE and Registered Massage Therapy.


Our philosophy